Wednesday, October 29, 2014

'Social Host' Laws May Help Curb Underage Drinking, Study Says

U.S. News & World Report, October 28, 2014

"'Social host' laws, which hold adults accountable for any underage drinking that takes place on their property, may help curb teenage drinking, according to the preliminary findings of a new study.

Researchers found that the number of teens who reported drinking at parties on weekends was reduced when they lived in towns with strong social host laws, according to the study published in the November issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs." Read more

Learn to Combat Cyber Bullying, Sexting

New Canaan Advertiser, October 28, 2014

"The New Canaan High School Parent Faculty Association (PFA) and administration are teaming up to reinforce the message that responsible online citizenship is critical.

Thanks to a grant from the Newcomers Club of New Canaan, and funding from the PFA, the High School will be bringing in a speaker, Richard Guerry, whose award-winning program focuses on ways to not only prevent existing trends such as “sexting” and “cyber bullying” but also to create solutions to digital issues our students may face. His goal is to construct a digital community free of negative and sometimes irreversible consequences resulting from poor judgment." Read more

Monday, October 27, 2014

Skateboard Company Declares War On Bullying

Forbes, October 25, 2014

"Bullying in the United States has taken center stage in recent years with evidence coming to light that youth who are bullied experience increases in mental health issues, negative physical performance, poor school performance, depression, anxiety and changes to eating and sleeping patterns. In contrast, those who bully are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, have criminal convictions and engage in other risky behaviors that endanger themselves. Whether bullied or bullying, it is clear that youth who are impacted by these behaviors lack feelings of self worth and self-value that all youth should know." Read more

Community Steers toward Better Path

The Day (New London, CT) October 26, 2014

"More than 100 people united Saturday at the Shiloh Family Life Center with the goal of preventing mass incarceration and crime through communitywide efforts, youth empowerment and mentorships.

The fourth Annual Community Prison Awareness and Prevention Gathering aimed to raise awareness of issues surrounding the mass incarceration of people of color and its effects on families, youths and the community, said Winston Taylor, the event's coordinator." Read more

Friday, October 24, 2014

Middletown Students Stand up to Bullying

WTNH News 8, October 22, 2014

"Over a hundred students from Middletown area schools joined together in a bully free rally at Middlesex Community College to stand up to all mean-spirited behavior. The “no bully zone program” is made possible thanks to a group of Middlesex county business owners.

David Director is the brainchild of the 'no bully zone' project. Director said that it is important business owners help the younger generation. 'As business owners I think it is really important. These are our future employees and neighbors and citizens. Someone needs to make a difference," expressed Director." Read more

Meet Facebook’s Mr. Nice

New York Times, October 22, 2014

"Of Facebook’s 7,185 employees, Arturo Bejar may have the most difficult job.

No, he is not responsible for increasing advertising revenue or keeping the website alive 24 hours a day. Mr. Bejar has a much more inscrutable task: teaching the site’s 1.3 billion users, especially its tens of millions of teenagers, how to be nice and respectful to one another." Read more

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween a Good Time to Encourage Safety among Teens

Las Cruces Sun-News (Las Cruces, NM) October 18, 2014

"While Halloween is still a holiday focused on childhood fun — dressing up, carnivals and trick-or-treating — there are some older children-at-heart who face dangers when they head out for a grown-up version of Halloween.

Adult, and even teen, Halloween parties can involve alcohol, making it a particularly deadly night due to the number of drunken drivers on the roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), on Halloween night in 2012, almost half, 48 percent, of all crash fatalities involved a driver or motorcycle operator with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 grams, an illegal limit in every state. That percentage is even higher than the overall percentage of drunken-driving fatalities nationwide, 31 percent, for all of 2012. In addition, that same year, 19 percent of the fatal pedestrian crashes on Halloween involved drunk drivers." Read more

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Collaboration with Monroe Agencies Proves Crucial to Prevention Council

Monroe Courier, October 2, 2014

"The Board of Education got a refresher course on what Alcohol and Drug Awareness of Monroe (ADAM) does for the town, along with an update on the organization’s new initiatives, at the body’s latest meeting. 

Sally Lundy, chairman of ADAM, explained that ADAM is Monroe’s Local Prevention Council. The town is also part of a Regional Action Council, coordinated by the Regional Youth Adult Social Action Partnership (RYASAP). In addition to Monroe, the region includes Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, Stratford, and Trumbull." Read more

Monica Lewinsky Speaks: 'It's My Mission To End Cyberbullying'

Forbes, October 20, 2014

"Monica Lewinsky has broken a decade-long silence to announce her campaign to end cyberbullying and today’s toxic culture of internet shaming.

In her first ever public address, the former mistress of President Bill Clinton revealed her plan to launch a “cultural revolution” against the sort of online harassment she experienced firsthand in the late 1990s.

'I was Patient Zero,' said Lewinsky, now 41, to an auditorium full of 1,000-plus high-achieving millennials at Forbes’ inaugural 30 Under 30 summit in Philadelphia. 'The first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the Internet.'" Read more

GHS Junior Spearheads Plan for Anti-Drug Program

Hartford Courant, October 20, 2014

"Griswold High School junior Isabel Poole said the local upswing in drug abuse has touched her circle of friends. "I'm concerned about drugs. I know people personally [who have been involved with drugs]. I know what it does to them, and it's never good." Now, through her internship at the office of First Selectman Kevin Skulczyck, Poole is writing a grant proposal to fund a local anti-drug campaign that would involve members throughout the community.

The Griswold program will be patterned on Putnam's Partnership to Reduce the Influence of Drugs for Everyone (Putnam PRIDE). Putnam PRIDE Program Coordinator Romeo Blackmar said he welcomes the chance to collaborate with Griswold and share resources and ideas. A former tutor at Griswold High School, he offered to reach out to Griswold town officials after hearing that Griswold was facing the same drug abuse problems as Putnam." Read more

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First Niagara Foundation Commits $75,000 to Support Governor’s Prevention Partnership

Hartford Courant, October 8, 2014

"Governor Dannel P. Malloy has joined First Niagara Bank in announcing a commitment of $75,000 from the First Niagara Foundation, the non-profit entity of First Niagara Bank, to support the Governor's Prevention Partnership (GPP), a statewide public-private alliance working to build a strong future workforce through leadership in youth mentoring. Governor Malloy serves as Co-Chair of the GPP Board of Directors.

'Through continued support from businesses like First Niagara, the Governor's Prevention Partnership is able to provide valuable mentoring programs to tens of thousands of young people across Connecticut,' said Governor Malloy. 'I applaud First Niagara for its leadership in helping to fund mentoring programs, and look forward to another successful year of inspiring young people in our state through mentoring.'" Read more

Monday, October 20, 2014

Julia Roberts Honored for Efforts in the Fight Against Bullying

ABC News, October 20, 2014

Find out why the Hollywood actress believes this is such an important issue here.

Monroe-Woodbury's JV Football Season Suspended for Alleged Bullying

News 12 Westchester (Woodbury, CT) October 19, 2014

"Monroe-Woodbury High School's junior varsity football season has been suspended amid reports of alleged bullying among members of the team.

Student athletes have sent written complaints to the district describing verbal abuse between teammates throughout the season.

The district's interim superintendent released a statement on the school website saying the remainder of the JV season is canceled until the investigation is complete." Read more

Activists Tackle Scourge of Prescription Drug Abuse

USA Today, October 18, 2014

"n retrospect, Dorothy Rhodes wishes she had said something, anything, to her son.

She knew that young people in their West Virginia community were dying, one after one, overdosing on prescription painkillers. But neither she nor anyone else spoke of the problem.

And then Rhodes received a phone call Dec. 17, 2008. Her only son, Chris, three weeks shy of his 20th birthday, had been rushed to the hospital. He soon died of an overdose of fentanyl, a legal narcotic used to treat pain." Read more

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Anti-bullying Event Oct. 22 Joins Justice Conference, Longmeadow's Max Burger to Take a 'Bite out of Bullying'

The Republican (Springfield, MA) October 14, 2014

"As part of the National Anti-Bullying day Oct. 22, the National Conference for Community and Justice, and the Max Restaurant Group are coming together to take a 'Bite out of Bullying.'

Max Burger, with restaurants in Longmeadow and West Hartford, will donate a portion of its proceeds that day to 'anti-bullying, prejudice reduction youth programs in middle and high schools throughout the region,' according to a press release from the conference, founded in 1927 as the National Conference of Christian and Jews." Read more

The Bullying Facts Every Educator Needs to Learn

Huffington Post, October 15, 2014

"Everyone has a story about bullying. Most of us have been both the bully and the victim of bullying. As a therapist for teens, I've seen the devastating effects year in and year out. I've also witnessed my fair share of well-intentioned, but misguided educators toss around best practices for dealing with this widespread issue. 

Approximately 32 percent of students report being bullied at school. According to an Edutopia article, 'Bullied students are more likely to take a weapon to school, get involved in physical fights, and suffer from anxiety and depression, health problems, and mental health problems.'" Read more

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Anti-Bullying Month: Strategies For Preventing It From Happening

Fox CT, October 13, 2014

"October is anti-bullying month. And that means we must identify what bullying is, the parties involved and then figure out appropriate strategies to remedy it. It goes beyond being teased once or twice. Bullying behaviors happen more than once or have the potential to happen repetitively and have a profound negative impact on a child’s psyche and overall well-being in school. We often try to figure out why bullies behave the way they do. Many times we proclaim as educators that it is because there is something that they are lacking or not feeling good about themselves. Ultimately, I feel that no matter the type of bullying it is, all bullying roots from a feeling of not being accepted in some way or valued. The best way to win this war, is to not fight at all, but rather teach youth about accepting others for all of their unique differences because that is what makes the world so great!" Read more

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Heroin No Longer Urban-Only Crisis

The Day, October 12, 2014

"This past summer, East Lyme First Selectman Paul Formica saw a public health crisis emerging in his community.

The crisis sent some residents to the hospital and nearly killed many others. At least two residents died. The crisis is heroin. It motivated Mr. Formica to schedule a community discussion at which 60-some people ranging from parents and grandparents to police and health care workers joined the conversation about the drug and how to combat it. The town is expected to soon announce a follow-up meeting.

'This is out there; it's what's happening,' Mr. Formica said. 'Education about it is the key.'" Read more

Drug Use at Work Roils Firms

Wall Street Journal, October 12, 2014

"When Mark Jurman started as plant manager at a piston factory in Marinette, Wis., two years ago, he quickly realized how deeply the area’s heroin and pain-pill problem was afflicting his workforce.

He sometimes discovered empty plastic bags at the factory stamped with the caricatures typical of heroin envelopes. Employees confided to him that some of their peers were high during work hours. Dealers hung around the plant’s parking lot, selling drugs to employees during shift changes. “Our parking lot was seen as one of the best places in town to buy drugs,” said Mr. Jurman, who oversees nearly 1,000 employees at KS Kolbenschmidt US Inc." Read more

Monday, October 13, 2014

Olympic Athlete’s Message against Bullying

WTNH, October 10, 2014

"Students at Windsor High School got a lesson in how to prevent bullying Friday from a gold medal winning Olympic athlete.

Moushaumi Robinson has been sprinting for 13 years. She won a gold medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics. Robinson is also a high school teacher and U.S. ambassador with the 'Hurt No More' campaign, an empathy-based bully prevention program. Robinson is teaching compassion to kids at Windsor high." Read more

The TASC List: A Bullying Lesson

Wilton Bulletin, October 12, 2014

"Students in schools across the country today exhibit thuggish behaviors, from playground intimidation to Internet aggression — and everything in between. There are many programs to tame such beasts, to prevent injury to body and spirit, and to reduce psychological damage. Some are effective; some are not.

In a few countries, however, what we call bullying takes the form of administration-sponsored activities to keep students in line, curb out-of-bounds behavior patterns, and punish performers thought to be operating below normal standards and expectations. In Japan, for example, the use of student-directed sanctions and admonishments against other students has been considered an ordinary extension of the disciplinary process and the drive for improved levels of conformity and compliance." Read more

Friday, October 10, 2014

New DEA Regulations Make it Tougher to Get Hydrocodone

WFSB Channel 3, October 8, 2014

"Commonly prescribed pain medications such as Vicodin, Lorcet and Lortab all contain hydrocodone, and according to the Drug Enforcement Administration are all highly addictive.

'Unfortunately, prescription pain abuse is a problem throughout the entire United States, and Southern Mississippi is no exception,' Gulfport DEA Resident Agent in Charge Robert Donovan said." Read more

New Canaan Schools Seek to Block New Smartphone App

New Canaan News, October 9, 2014

"A new location-based smartphone app aimed at students is under fire in New Canaan for enticing cyberbullying.

Following a number of complaints from New Canaan High School parents, the district is currently working to block Streetchat, which allows anonymous postings of photo messages." Read more

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Wax Form of Marijuana Worries Law Enforcement

WFSB Channel 3, October 3, 2014

"A new drug is emerging in the metro and causing serious concern.

The drug goes by the names wax, butter and honeycomb because its waxy texture makes it look like lip balm. While many adults may not have heard of it, there's a good chance their teens have.

Drug agents call it the strongest form of marijuana and some users claim a single hit keeps users high all day." Read more

Early Drinking Behavior has Lifelong Effect

Yale Daily News, October 7, 2014

"The longer the amount of time between the first time someone drinks and gets drunk, the lower the likelihood of becoming alcohol-dependent, a new Yale study, “First Drink to First Drunk,” has found.

The age at which an individual first drinks alcohol, also known as the age of onset (AO), is one of the most researched risk factors for heavy drinking later in life. But researchers have spent less time examining the relationship between AO and the age of first intoxication (AI) — the first time someone gets drunk." Read more

Monday, October 6, 2014

Plainville Middle Schoolers Stand up to Bullies after Training Program

Bristol Press, October 3, 2014

"Wouldn’t it have been nice if you’d had 75 kids standing behind you when your middle school bully attacked?

That’s sort of what the Middle School of Plainville is implementing. The school has a program under which 75 kids were trained to help their classmates deal with bullies.

The schools this week held a bullying training program for parents and guardians Tuesday, presented by the Anti-Defamation League. Marji Lipshez-Shapiro, director of education for the Connecticut office of the League, led a panel of 11 students from the MSP Allies program who talked about strategies for preventing and dealing with bullying and answered questions from the audience." Read more

Teens, Parents and Alcohol: Tough Questions You Need to Answer

Huffington Post, October 3, 2014

"Rolled eyes, sullen silence or even outright denial; these are often the reactions parents encounter when they try to talk with their adolescent children about alcohol. As a pediatrician, I get a lot of tough questions from parents about how to broach this subject with their teens. It can be a difficult situation for parents and one full of awkwardness, but it's critical for parents to at least start the conversation, as it will open the door for ongoing conversations in the future." Read more

Friday, October 3, 2014

Saint Brigid School Promotes Anti-Bullying Efforts

West Hartford News, October 1, 2014

"Unfortunately, across the nation bullying has become the new norm for many school administrators in both the public and private school sectors. Long before the tragedy at Newton’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, West Hartford’s Saint Brigid School had an anti-bullying campaign in place for several years.

To add to those efforts, Saint Brigid School recently announced that seventh-grade teacher Melissa Seidl has been designated by the American School Counseling Association University (ASCA), as a certified Bullying Prevention Specialist, trained to educate, prevent and/or intervene when bullying occurs. In addition to Seidl’s teaching responsibilities, she developed an anti-violence curriculum that has been taught at other schools and will be implemented this fall at Saint Brigid School." Read more

Center for Youth Leadership Tackles Bullying

The Hour, October 1, 2014

"With a mission of tackling social issues that affect teenagers, the Center for Youth Leadership will be addressing one of the biggest youth problems this month.

In recognition of National Bullying Awareness Month, CYL held a press conference at Brien McMahon High School Wednesday.

The student youth organization, along with Mayor Harry Rilling and BMHS Guidance Counselor Chad Sutherland discussed the effects of bullying and ways to prevent it." Read more