Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alarming Teen Trend: Vodka Eye Shots

WCBS TV (New York, NY), May 27  

"The term ‘a shot to the eye’ is taking on a new and more dangerous meaning among young people. The shots they're taking aren't punches, but alcohol. And doctors say their search for ‘fun’ could cost them their vision. Head back, ready for vodka, but not in the mouth. Instead, try it poured directly in to the unprotected eye. You'll get some painful results...What she calls a dangerously dumb stunt can be seen in more than 800 videos on YouTube…The people who do this, mostly college students judging by the videos, call it ‘vodka eyeballing.’ They said the pain gives way to an instant high and then a deeper state of drunkenness.”
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