Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Changing Student Perceptions Can Reduce Alcohol Abuse (online) August 11:

"Many college students drink excessively because they believe 'everyone' is doing it. But when they find out that most students do not binge drink and the heavy drinkers are in the minority, they will reduce their own harmful drinking. When they discover that their behavior is not 'normal' they modify their behavior.  But how they receive this feedback can also make a difference in how students respond.  A lot of research shows that students tend to overestimate the amount of alcohol their peers drink. Therefore they think their own heavy drinking is 'normal' behavior.  A new study of 7,275 college students found that students who were given personal feedback either face-to-face or via the Internet about how much their peers actually consumed drank less often and indulged in less binge drinking that those who did not receive the information."
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