Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How Parents Can Prevent Bullying

New York Times (New York, NY) November 22, 2010

"September 19: Billy Lucas, age 15, of Greensburg, Indiana, hanged himself from the rafters of his family’s barn. September 19: Seth Walsh, 13, of Tahachapi, California, hanged himself from a tree in his yard. September 22; Tyler Clementi, 18, a Rutgers University freshman, jumped off the George Washington Bridge in New York City. September 23: Asher Brown, 13, of Houston, shot himself in the head. These four boys didn’t know each other, but they did have something in common. They’d been bullied and school, and one by one, they all apparently came to the same conclusion: If you’re gay or thought to be gay, life just isn’t worth living.
The list, sadly, is familiar. But the question that the writer Kenneth Miller asks next is an important twist on the ones so many of us have been asking as each of these suicides has made the news in recent months...If the world has become more accepting, he wonders, 'why are so many still driven to try to take their own life?'
The only possible answer is that while society is doing more, it is not doing enough. And in the next five pages Miller explores what more can be done." Read More

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