Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis The Season To Talk With Your Kids About Drinking And Drugs (With Poll)

Clinton Patch (Clinton, CT) December 2, 2011

"The holidays can provide happiness and excitement as friends and family come together for celebrations. Yet, celebrations also provide increased opportunity for teens to experiment with alcohol as it becomes more accessible during the holiday period.
'It's important for parents to take time during the holiday season to talk to their kids about the dangers of underage drinking and drug use, and to remain vigilant,' said Department of Public Health Commissioner Jewel Mullen, in a prepared release. 'Parents are still the strongest influencers in their children's lives, even during the teenage years, and we want to ensure that our most precious resource-our young people-stay safe this holiday season.'
According to The Governor's Prevention Partnership, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and safety of the state's young people, teens who learn about the risks of drugs and alcohol at home are 50 percent less likely to use substances." Read More

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