Wednesday, August 15, 2012

UNH Researchers Develop Anti-Bullying Curriculum

Portsmouth Patch (Portsmouth, NH) August 14, 2012

"Researchers at the University of New Hampshire believe they have made a significant breakthrough in reducing bullying and meanness in middle school students. A study of the Courage to Care program, which was developed by UNH Cooperative Extension, found students who participated in the program were less likely to emotional pick on other students.
Nearly 180 Granite State seventh graders in the Courage to Care groups were pre and post tested on their ability to show empathy and on the number of incidents of bullying and meanness they were involved with. In addition an equal number of students who did not go through the program were pre and post tested over the same nine-week period. The scores of the two groups were compared to see if there were differences between those that participated and those that did not." Read More

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