Monday, November 12, 2012

Bullying news: Arizona football team steps up to help bullied girl (Video)

The Examiner, November 9, 2012

" reported on Nov. 9 that a football team in Queen Creek, Arizona stepped up to help a young girl overcome bullying in their high school.
The girl is Chy Johnson, a freshmen born with a brain disorder. She had suffered from the cruelty of bullies her entire life and one day her mother decided she had enough. Instead of approaching the high school administrators or teachers, two actions that rarely do any good, she took to Facebook.
Chy's mother reached out to a student named Carson Jones to get the names of the kids bullying her daughter. Jones chose to handle the incident in a different way. Jones is the starting quarterback of the undefeated Queen Creek football team, and he gathered the football players to join up to protect Chy at school from the bullies." Read More

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