Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Kids Wish Their Parents Knew: Preventing Bullying

Greenwich Patch (Greenwich, CT) August 30, 2013

"While Greenwich High School's 'Names Day' is an anti-bullying program for freshmen who are typically 14 or 15, a new workshop called "What Kids Wish Their Parents Knew" will be geared toward parents of elementary school and middle school children.
The Anti-Defamation League–the folks who created Names Day–are pairing up with the Jewish Community Center (JCC) to help parents spot, intervene and prevent bullying.
The JCC refers to the statistics of adolescent suicide – the third leading cause of death among Connecticut residents ages 15-19 as 'staggering,' and, in a release, described the untimely death of Greenwich High School student Bartlomeiej 'Bart' Palosz (15) as 'an urgent reminder that bullying, name calling and cyber-bullying are frequently associated with tragic consequences.'" Read More

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