Thursday, December 19, 2013

The role parents play in mentoring relationships

Michigan State University, December 18, 2013

"Most mentoring programs require adult mentors and youth mentees to spend a significant amount of time together. This one-on-one time is needed to form a trusting relationship and to become familiar with each other. Michigan State University Extension suggests parents be included in the match process to feel comfortable with the mentoring relationship.
Before mentoring matches are created, expectations should be discussed and clearly outlined. Include parents in the mentoring intake process to ensure that they understand and value the role that they play in addition to what is expected and appropriate of the mentor. Mentoring contracts are helpful in guiding a conversation around expectations. The contract should be very specific and inclusive that clearly describes guidelines and limitations. After signing, the mentor, parent and youth agree to all terms of the mentoring match. If everyone is on the same page (mentor, parent and youth) the match will have a better chance at success and the parent will tend to be more supportive." Read More

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