Monday, February 24, 2014

Wilton's Dirty, Not-So-Secret Secret: Parents and Teen Drinking

Good Morning Wilton (Wilton, CT) February 18, 2014:

"Just last month, many Wilton teens attended The County Assembly Charity Ball (the 'Counties' as it’s familiarly known), the yearly, multi-town dance for high school juniors from Wilton and surrounding Fairfield County towns (Westport, Fairfield and Weston). Traditionally, it’s set up for girls to ask dates to the dance. High school seniors have their corresponding Red and White Charity Ball, which, this year, was held the night before Counties. Both dances were at the Stamford Marriott.
As advertised, organizers have breathalizers at the dance, and alcohol and drugs are forbidden. The kids are breathalized and every bag, purse and jacket is checked for contraband. As Wilton dad Jason Witty, whose daughter* attended Counties, put it, 'There’s every length gone to at the function. The after-party, however, was a different story.'
Witty contacted GOOD Morning Wilton to talk about the dirty not-so-hidden secret about high school parties in town–parties where not only do kids drink, but they do so with alcohol supplied by the teens’ parents. Witty reached out not to ‘tattle,’ per se, but more to open the dialogue. 'It’s swept under the rug and not talked about. It’s got to be a discussion we have, it’s a key topic, especially for the kids.'" Read More

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