Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New app could be tool for cyberbullying

Greenwich Time (Greenwich, CT) March 24, 2014:

"A new social-media app is the talk of Greenwich High School -- but much of the "yakking" is raising students' and educators' concerns.
Yik Yak allows users to anonymously send posts, known as "yaks," to others nearby. While the service has similarities to other social networks, it seems particularly effective for harassment or gossip.
Neither a profile nor a password is needed to yak. Communication is made based on proximity: Using phones' GPS capabilities, yaks go out to the 500 closest users within a five-mile radius of the sender.
'It's basically this area where anyone really can post about people, and it's really unregulated and unfettered,' Guillermo Perez, Greenwich High's student government president, said at last Thursday's Board of Education meeting. 'If you probably think that it's a recipe for disaster, considering the tragedy that happened on the first day of school, we're very concerned that this could spiral out of control.'" Read More

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