Monday, February 22, 2016

Walgreens to install kiosks to dispose of opioids, prescriptions

New Haven Register, February 9, 2016

By the end of the year, some Connecticut Walgreens locations will have kiosks for the safe disposal of opioids and other prescription medications, as part of a new initiative by the company to combat drug abuse.

In addition to the kiosks, Walgreens plans to offer naloxone, more commonly known as Narcan, to consumers without a prescription by the end of the year. Narcan is a drug that reverses the effects of opioid medication and can be used to help treat someone suffering from the effects of a heroin overdose.

While the specific locations within the state for the kiosks have not yet been determined, Connecticut is one of 39 states where they will be placed. Emily Hartwig, spokeswoman for the Deerfield, Illinois-based chain, said the store locations will be strategically selected so consumers can have access in urban, suburban and rural areas. Read more

For resources to speak with youth about the dangers of prescription pills, click here

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