Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Youth Bullying in Connecticut

Bullying is one of the most widespread and under reported problems within our schools and communities. Once dismissed as “kids being kids,” bullying is no longer viewed as harmless behavior that builds character. Bullying is now known to have long-term negative academic, emotional and social effects on targets, bullies and bystanders.

1 out of 5 students were bullied on school property in 2015
1 out of 7 students were electronically bullied in 2015

Learn the warning signs:

• Unexplained damage or loss of clothing and other personal items
• Evidence of physical abuse, such as bruises or scratches
• Loss of friends; changes in friends
• Reluctance to participate in activities with peers
• Loss of interest in favorite activities
• Unusually sad, moody, anxious, lonely, or depressed
• Problems with eating, sleeping, bed-wetting
• Decline in school achievement
• Headaches, stomachaches, other physical complaints

Upcoming Trainings:
Join us for our Bullying 101 webinar on June 28th from 12:00pm-1:00pm

Check back in on Thursday May 26th for more information on how to create a positive school climate within your community.

View additional resources for parents.

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