Friday, June 24, 2016

Public health emergency declared in New Haven after 2 deadly heroin overdoses on June 23, 2016

by Jacqueline Longo, June 24, 2016

Program Coordinator, Youth Leadership
The Governor's Prevention Partnership

The heroin epidemic in Connecticut is making headlines again today, with more than 15 overdoses, including 2 deaths, reported in New Haven on June 23rd.  Officials are saying that the number of overdoses may rise, as there appears to be a tainted batch on the streets.  Due to the severity of the situation, city leaders have issued a public health warning.  Additional information on this emerging story may be found here.

With the number of opioid-related accidental drug intoxication deaths continuing to rise, prevention of alcohol and other drug use in youth becomes especially important. According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, four out of five heroin users start by developing an addiction to prescription painkillers.  In 2015, the number of high school students who reported misusing prescription medications increased to 12 percent. The Center for Disease Control states that abusing prescription opioids is the strongest risk factor for a heroin addiction. It is important to remind our youth that using a prescription medication when it is not prescribed to you is just as dangerous as using an illegal drug.

Be aware of what is in your medicine cabinet, secure your medications, and dispose of unused prescriptions at the many prescription medication drop boxes in Connecticut. View here to find a local collection box near you!
View our Opioid Fact Sheet and continue to communicate with the young people in your life. Kids who learn a lot about the risks of drugs at home are up to 50% less likely to use drugs.

View additional resources for parents to speak with youth about the dangers of substance abuse.

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