Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Responsible Social Hosting Campaign Gains Steam

Killingworth-Durham-Middlefield Patch (Middlesex County, CT) January 10, 2012

"Take a drive down Route 154 in Haddam and you’ll see a 15-foot high photo of a hand in the classic 'stop' pose. 'I will be a parent, not a bartender' reads the message inked onto the palm of the hand. Three similar billboards will go up in Essex, Deep River and Chester. East Hampton drivers will see the same billboard in their town later this winter.
It’s all part of the Responsible Hosting Campaign going on in the 15 towns of Middlesex County. Launched by the Middlesex County Substance Abuse Action Council, the campaign is aimed at parents and teens who host parties where beer and other drinks are served to young people. State law prohibits anyone from serving guests under the age of 21 alcoholic beverages in their homes." Read More

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