Monday, January 16, 2012

Surveys Reveals Most Dangerous Nights For Teen Drivers

Fairfield Patch (Fairfield, CT) January 14, 2012

"With new, stiffer penalties for drinking and driving in place for 2012, and new rules for newly minted drivers in effect, The Hub thought it was time to take a look at what are considered most the most dangerous days, and nights, to drive for teenagers.
The December 2011 report was conducted by the Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions Teen Driving study. It included some more obvious answers: New Year's and Fourth of July. However, the report also revealed some surprises: Prom Night came in nearly last. And there was also a 'he said, she said' view on the dangers of mixing alcohol and drugs with driving: Females tend to be more assertive when it comes to asking drivers to put down the keys if they’ve been drinking." Read More

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