Monday, July 23, 2012

Doctors warn about dangerous combination of energy drinks, alcohol

Patriot Ledger (Milton, MA ) July 23, 2012

"She got to the Beth Israel Deaconess-Milton Hospital emergency room at 3 a.m. – a girl in her late teens, so close to passing out that Dr. Darria Gillespie had to keep her awake and tell her to keep breathing.
Revived by oxygen and intravenous fluid for dehydration, the girl admitted to Gillespie what happened. She’d been partying with friends – 'going, going, going,' as Gillespie put it, on a mixture of alcohol and energy drinks, until the caffeine wore off and she crashed from intoxication.
Such patients are a familiar sight these days for Gillespie and ER doctors at other South Shore hospitals, especially on weekends. The numbers have steadily risen the last few years, matching the increased popularity of Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy 'shots,' and other such drinks." Read More

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