Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Darien psychologist believes bullying can be thwarted with collective approach

Darien News (Darien, CT) February 2, 2013

"It takes a village to thwart the damaging effects of bullying, according to Christopher M. Bogart, executive director of the Southfield Center for Development at 85 Old Kings Highway N.
Bogart, a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of the center, recently spoke to a small group of parents and professionals, outlining what constitutes bullying, sharing research and statistics, and offering some practical solutions on how to assuage it. While most states, including Connecticut, now have laws against bullying in schools, Bogart said an ongoing concerted effort is required to keep the attention on the policies after they're implemented, and to teach all kids about the relevant role they play in helping stop it." Read More

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