Monday, August 12, 2013

Plainville Sets Antibullying Program For Middle-Schoolers

Hartford Courant (Plainville, CT) August 9, 2013 

"Bullying, in person or online, is harmful and stopping it is the focus of a workshop scheduled Monday for middle school students.
'Becoming an Ally: Responding to Name-Calling And Bullying,' sponsored by the national Anti-Defamation League, will be presented to about 30 seventh- and eighth-graders who have had prior training in confronting cruel behavior by classmates and helping victims,Thomas Laudadio, the middle school dean of students, said Friday.
The session is the latest in a series of anti-bullying programs and workshops the school system has organized in the nine years since the schools began teaching students and staff how to combat bullying, which includes emotional, as well as physical torture, he said." Read More

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