Monday, August 5, 2013

Trying to be cool parent can be deadly mistake

The Day (New London, CT) August 4, 2013

"It is mid-summer and prime time for vacations and other recreational activities. It's also a prime time when teenagers may drink alcohol.
This is not only dangerous, but potentially lethal. Attention is growing on teen's drinking alcohol in large quantities, or binge drinking. It occurs at teen gatherings in places such as a friend's house, in the woods or fields, at concerts or on the beach.
Often the teens are unsupervised, but occasionally a misguided adult is present and aware of the drinking. Underage drinking can cause health problems and cause teens to take risks; the results can be alarming and sometimes catastrophic. Adults who are aware of underage drinking on their premises can face legal charges such as fines and imprisonment." Read More

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