Friday, April 18, 2014

Official: Recovering drug addicts should speak up

CT Post (New Haven, CT) April 17, 2014:

"The president's top adviser on drug policy urged those recovering from drug addiction to give hope to others by speaking out, saying that stigma and denial about substance abuse are obstacles to treatment.
Michael Botticelli, acting director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, said Thursday that 23 million Americans are in recovery from substance abuse. Botticelli, who is in recovery from alcohol addiction, encouraged people to speak out about their experiences so others will understand help is available, saying only about one in nine people with a substance abuse problem get treatment.
'There's a tremendous amount of stigma and denial associated with substance use disorders,' Botticelli said at a forum in New Haven. 'We know that one of the biggest reasons people don't ask for help is shame and denial. We need to break that silence. We've done it with other diseases and we can do it with substance use and we can do it with recovery.'" Read More

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