Thursday, April 10, 2014

Western fights bullying from within

Greenwich Time, April 7, 2014:

"The school district has enlisted an in-house group of consultants to promote an anti-bullying message.
If anyone knows the dangers that bullying, especially cyberbullying, presents, it's these guys.
They live in a world in which it's all around them. The experts are actually 15 Western Middle School students who are trying to combat the digital-world antagonists amongst them. In a multimedia presentation last week to their fellow students at Western, they used videos, interactive exercises, even a Jeopardy game, to denounce cyberbullying and offer ways in which students can support each other online.
'Especially in our age group, we all use social media, and cyberbullying is something that happens mainly in those places, so I thought it was cool that we were able to talk to them about it,' said eighth-grader Tenzin Palkyi." Read More

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