Monday, June 16, 2014

Meriden Teens Plan to Create Mural to Combat Bullying

Record-Journal (Meriden, CT) June 16, 2014

"Thirty Meriden teenagers have banded to form the Anti-Bullying Coalition, a coordinated effort between the Meriden Boys & Girls Club and Girls Inc.

The coalition has received two grants totaling $6,500 from the Kiwanis Club to combat bullying in schools and form a support system for victims. The group met last Monday at the Boys & Girls Club at 15 Lincoln St, to share their research and pitch their plans to erect a community mural.

Michelle Bourdeau, executive director of Girls Inc., said that during the preliminary planning stages of the project 'the conversation always seemed to steer back to bullying,' something all of the teens had experienced." Read more

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