Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When Drinking Problems Begin: Kids Given Sips Of Alcohol Tend To Be First Ones Drinking In High School

Medical Daily, March 31, 2015

"Parents who subscribe to the 'European model' believe in introducing children to alcohol at an early age in order to teach them how to drink responsibly and lessen the “taboo” appeal of alcohol. A recent study conducted at the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University has found that children who are allowed to 'sip' their parents’ alcoholic beverage at an early age often end up becoming the first of their friends to have a full drink by high school.

Although underage drinking is often swept under the rug because 'everyone is doing it,' experts still consider it a major public health concern. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 35 percent of high school students admitted to drinking some amount of alcohol in the past 30 days, 21 percent admitted to binge drinking, 10 percent said they drove while drunk, and 22 percent said they rode in a car with an intoxicated driver." Read More.

Visit our Resource Center here for tips on preventing your child from underage drinking.

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