Monday, March 30, 2015

You Find Pills In Your Child's Room -- What Should You Do?

March 30, 2015, Consumer Affairs

"I found pills in my son’s room. Now what? Roy came into the pharmacy and was obviously upset. 'Look what I found in my son’s room,' Roy said to the pharmacist. 'What are these pills?'

The pharmacist took the three capsules and used her knowledge and expertise to identify them. She told Roy that one was a prescription antinausea medicine and the other two were prescription antihistamines.

What the 15-year old boy was doing with them seemed unclear. The pharmacist explained to Roy that even though the pills were not narcotics or even a controlled substance, the reason why his son had them should be explored.

Most mental health care providers agree that the child should be confronted in a calm manner, with both parents taking a firm stand and a united front to impress upon the child that pills are dangerous. Keep in mind that the child may not understand what medications are used for and why. But that does not make them any less dangerous. However, if the pills were narcotics, the conversation should be stepped up to reveal the person who gave the child the drugs." Read More.

Visit our Parent Resource Center here for more information on preventing youth prescription drug abuse.

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