Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Alabaster schools launch app which allows students to report bullying

Fox 6 (Alabaster, AL) Jun 11, 2015

"Alabaster schools have some new policies and an app to help deal with bullying. The app was just created and will be in place when students return in the fall. It's called Anonymous Alerts.

Students can just download the app and if they are being bullied or if they know of someone who is being bullied. They can then shoot a text anonymously about the situation.

That information will go to that student's principal, the school resource officer, the superintendent and the system's student services coordinator, Dorann Tanner. Tanner said the schools aren't really seeing a big problem with bullying but they wanted students to have this tool just in case they need it." Read more

For tips and resources to talk to your teen about preventing bullying, visit our Resource Center here

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