Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adderall abuse can cause serious long-term damage (Salt Lake City, UT) May 17, 2011

"Students across the country are abusing a prescription drug typically used to treat ADHD. It's the so-called 'smart drug' also known as a 'study buddy' called Adderall. Experts say one in 10 people use it without a prescription.
'I had a few friends my freshman year use Adderall, primarily to study but sometimes they'd also use it for recreation,' said a student who didn't want to reveal his identity.
He explained that he noticed Adderall helped his friends study, and that's actually the problem: Doctors say that when taking Adderall under a doctor's care, people usually do well. However, when used without a prescription, people can begin the downward spiral of addiction." Read More

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