Monday, May 9, 2011

Taking on the bullies

The Day (Westerly, CT) May 8, 2011

"On a warm spring evening at the Seaside Dance studio in Westerly, troupe members used their nimble limbs to send a message: Bullying hurts.
Eleven- to 18-year-olds in black leotards pirouetted through Adam Lambert's 'Mad World,' tap-danced to 'Mean Girls' by Sugarland and used modern dance moves to simulate a suicide in Pearl Jam's grunge classic, 'Jeremy.'
In their award-winning 'Take a Stand' number, the girls called out statistics about bullying, and together they have a strong voice, for every last one has a story to tell about being treated cruelly by their contemporaries.
It does not matter that they are bright, beautiful young ladies. All have been stung, and they say bullying is escalating, mostly because kids have near-constant access to phones and computers." Read More

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