Friday, June 3, 2011

Educators aware of prescription drug use, turn to prevention

USA Today (Phoenix, AZ) June 2, 2011

"Judging by the turnout at a session on non-medical prescription drug use at the American College Health Association's annual conference here on Wednesday, the issue is one colleges are well aware of. But considering that research on the topic is only beginning to emerge, and that some major surveys of student drug use don't even inquire about prescription medicines, it is likely that most of those colleges aren't so well-equipped with prevention methods.
That's what Stacy Andes, director of health promotion at Villanova University, said in an interview after her presentation. 'I think they're becoming more concerned,' she said, while adding, 'I think they're not measuring the problem to the extent that they need to be, so they're not implementing the prevention methods they need to.'" Read More

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  1. As problems increase with the prevalence of prescription drug use and misuse on college campuses, it is crucial for education and preventative measures to increase as well.