Wednesday, June 15, 2011

M'town's Truth About Substance Abuse

Middletown Patch (Middletown, CT) June 13, 2011

"In the third of Patch's video series entitled The Truth About Substance Abuse in Middletown, Middletown Police Lt. John Maguire and Deputy Chief Craig Weber take the mic with tidbits of information about popular drugs, what dangerous drugs to watch out for, drinking, drugs and driving, statistics and penalities.
As with the first and second parts of our series, we leave you with this background reflection ...
Graduation season is upon us. It's a time to celebrate major milestones and take special care to enjoy them safely.
So, while parties are being planned and spirits are high, some are calling for a low moment of reflection and somber introspection. The idea, they say, is not to spoil the splendor, but to get celebrants through the good times without casualties." Read More

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