Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Now It's the Parent's Turn...

Enfield Patch (Enfield, CT) June 1, 2011

"Last week, I discussed five bullying scenarios and five possible responses your child can take. Each one of those responses included the child 'reporting' the incident to both parents and school staff. Let’s discuss some steps for the parents to take once a bullying incident takes place.
First and most importantly, long before your child needs to come and talk with you about a potentially "touchy," serious or embarrassing situation, be sure you have developed an atmosphere where your child feels safe and comfortable when coming to talk with you about such things. This is even more important as they get into their teen years. If you mess up on this point, you’ll end up with a teen that won’t come to talk with you about things like drugs, sex and moral issues. They’ll turn to their friends, who don’t have any more experience in these matters than they do." Read More

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