Thursday, October 27, 2011

'Drunkorexia' common for college women; one in six skip meals to get drunk faster, save money

NY Daily News (New York, NY) October 19, 2011

"For many college women, drunkorexia is becoming a tradition.
Experts find that as many as one in six college women in the US skip meals to get drunk faster and 'make room' for alcohol calories, with three times as many women reportedly engaging in what's dubbed "drunkorexia" than men.
The phenomenon affects thousands of women, according to experts, and a team from the University of Missouri in the US is now underscoring the long-term health implications.
In findings announced Monday, researchers stated that 16 percent of those surveyed reported restricting calories to 'save them' for drinking. Motivations for drunkorexia include staying slim, getting intoxicated faster and saving money that would otherwise be spent on food to buy alcohol." Read More

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