Thursday, October 27, 2011

School Board Candidates Say How They Would Curb Bullying at Stratford Schools

Stratford Patch (Stratford, CT) October 27, 2011

"Reginias Davis left last night’s school board forum with about four pages of notes scribbled on loose leaf, the initials of the candidates marked in caps next to the paragraphs.
The Stratford resident was lucky enough to have had her question about school bullying answered by all five of the contenders -- only about a third of the questions, submitted via index cards, were addressed due to time constraints.
But after the forum held at the Wooster Middle School auditorium ended Wednesday night, Davis said she still wasn’t sure who she would vote for on Nov. 8. Moreover, Davis said she wasn’t satisfied with her question’s answers from the three Democrats and the two Republicans running for the Board of Education (BOE)." Read More

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