Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kid bullied to leave school because he wasn't 'black enough'

Ct Post (Ansonia, CT) January 31, 2012

"The student stabbed Ryan in the back with a mechanical pencil and walked away. There was no explanation, no words exchanged at all. But Ryan knew why it happened. Scared to tell the teacher, all Ryan could do was to go to the bathroom to wash off the blood.
It was all because of the color of his skin, his mom, Gail Rodriguez said. He was often the only light-skinned student in his classes, which were predominantly black. Ryan, who is half white and half Puerto Rican, was called names like 'stupid white cracker.'
Minority students around the region told Hearst Connecticut Newspapers they have been called n-----, or terrorist, or told to go back to the other side of the border." Read More

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  1. This story is really sad and unacceptable! Parents need to teach their kids to respect all races and so as the school. i might want my children home schooled rather than being a troubled teen.