Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NFA rallies against bullying, hateful words

Norwich Bulletin (Norwich, CT) February 17, 2012

"On Friday morning, tears spoke volumes.
So, too, did the gut-wrenching testimonies of students in Norwich Free Academy’s special education programs on being called the 'R' word.
As the personal stories flashed across a big screen in NFA’s main gymnasium, some faculty, staff and junior class members couldn’t help but cry.
After all, the words cut.
'I used to use (the ‘R’ word),' NFA junior Patrick Kudej said. 'But when you see them crying and what it does to them, I stopped. Special education students always have the best outlook on life. When I‘m having a crummy day, they make me smile. You never want to think about them crying.'" Read More

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