Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ridgefield Students Launch Anti-Bullying Organization, Website

Ridgefield Patch (Ridgefield, CT) February 7, 2012

"After last week's cyber-bullying incident over Twitter and the subsequent stand taken by Ridgefield High School students on Facebook, several members of the Ridgefield community have decided to take bullying matters into their own hands.
With comparable quickness to the original stand that saw thousands of members flock to the 'Southern Connecticut High Schools: An End To High School Bullying' Facebook group last Tuesday, students, teachers and school officials have already learned their lesson and have launched a directive to raise awareness of cyberbullying in Ridgefield and beyond.
The organization, called SAID (Students Against Internet Discrimination), is a student-run group with a goal to become nationally recognized. And in just a week, SAID already has its own website." Read More

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  1. As a guidance counselor I’m troubled by the increase in bullying I’ve seen in my school. The principal, teachers, and I continue to fight against it, but it’s difficult to reach out to all the students with only our words. But I found the answer to my problem when I saw “Bully” this past weekend. I’ve finally found a way to reach out to my students in a way they can all understand. That is the power of this movie! Bullying must end immediately and with the help of the “Bully” movie we can move forward.