Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fake IDs Found in Wilton May Indicate Underage Drinking

Wilton Patch (Wilton, CT) March 14, 2012

"On March 7, the Wilton Police Department (WPD) obtained an apparently lost wallet found on Rte. 7. Inside it were three Connecticut driver’s licenses; two were forged to make the youthful offender, whose real license was also in the wallet, appear older than 21, according to police reports.
The incident comes on the heels of a hotly-debated artcle involving an underage drinking party broken up by the WPD at a Wilton residence in mid Februrary. The article struck a nerve with Wiltonians and generated 150 comments from Wilton Patch readers. The WPD sent out a press release delineating Conn. laws for underage drinking shortly after the article's publication." Read More

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