Monday, March 12, 2012

Teen-produced radio show documents effects of bullying

Fox News, March, 12, 2012

"When Council Brandon was in fifth grade, she found herself cornered into a bathroom stall by the ‘mean girls’ of her school, who told her she wasn’t pretty and needed a makeover.
Council, 14, who lives in Hartford, Conn., said the torment didn’t stop - and she ended up skipping to sixth grade in hopes the older kids would be nicer.
They weren’t.
'I wasn’t afraid to show my knowledge in school, and I was not afraid to grow as a learner – they weren’t used to that,' Council said of her middle school peers. 'Also, I was the only (Caucasian) person in my grade, so I wasn’t interested in the same music they were, or the same pop culture they were used to.'" Read More

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