Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Karate can provide lessons in confidence for bully victims

Connecticut Post (Trumbull, CT) March 19, 2012

"She can throw a good punch, and whack her opponent in the thigh with a dexterous lift of the leg. In a practice spar at the Hanku Ryu Martial Arts studio in Trumbull, 8-year-old Meghan Storry excels.
Out of the studio, Meghan Storry is a tall, slim 8-year-old girl who is fearful of a student at school who bullied her.
'I'll still be a tiny bit afraid if I see him again,' she said.
A 'tiny bit' is a big improvement from a year ago, when she was so afraid she would run out of the classroom as soon as the day was over to the gymnasium where her mother would be waiting to pick her up. Sometimes back then, she'd refuse to go to school." Read More

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