Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kid's Viral Bullying Video Shows How Frustrated Parents Can Get

CNN, May 14, 2014

"Sarah Cymbaluk of Fosston, Minnesota, is a frustrated mom who took matters into her own hands. After claiming that her daughter was repeatedly bullied on the school bus and the school did nothing about it, she posted a video on Facebook.

In the video, Cymbaluk asked her crying daughter, 'Tell me how it makes you feel.'

Her daughter, who turned 9 on Tuesday, responded, 'It makes me feel sad and scared, and I don't like it.' 'She's been called into the principal's (office) and made to feel like it's her fault,' Cymbaluk told CNN affiliate KXJB, claiming the bullying has gone on since December.

'She's been told to ignore it. She's been told to disregard it. Basically she's been told to stuff her emotions and get on with life.' Fosston Schools Superintendent Mark Nohner, who said he thinks the situation could have been resolved without going to Facebook, said he learned about this issue only recently but conceded 'somewhere along the line' the case 'fell through the cracks.'" Read more

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