Monday, April 13, 2015

Hazing and Alcohol: Time to Break With “Tradition”

NIDA for Teens, April 10, 2015

"We all want to belong. Whether it’s to the chess club or the football team or a sorority or fraternity, belonging to a group of people who are bonded together gives us the feeling that we aren’t alone. In high school, and especially in college when people leave their hometowns and are trying to fit in to a new environment, these clubs can feel like a lifeline. And for many people, these groups become like family—you can be a “Sorority Sister” and “Fraternity Brother.”

But what’s the cost of joining? All too often, it’s going through an embarrassing and potentially dangerous initiation ritual—known as hazing.

What Is Hazing?

Basically, hazing is when an organized group participates in activities that involves harassment, humiliation, and/or physical and emotional abuse as a way of letting someone join their club, team, organization, etc." Read More.

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