Thursday, April 2, 2015

So What's the Big Deal with PowerTalk 21?

April 1, 2015, MADD Connecticut

"PowerTalk 21. Seems like a strange word that doesn't quite make a lot of sense. So what is PowerTalk 21? An energy drink? A game? PowerTalk 21 is the term for April 21st, or the nationally designated day for parents to talk to their teen about the dangers of underage drinking. But PowerTalk 21 isn't just one day. From April 1st to April 21st, MADD shows their support for the mandatory minimum drinking age by hosting events throughout the country about the dangers of underage drinking and how we can combat this problem.

Here in Connecticut, we have lots of fun activities planned to create awareness around PowerTalk 21. From sticker shocks in liquor stores, to Power of Parents workships being held around the state, MADD Connecticut plans to create awareness and help stop the problem of underage drinking." Read More.

For information on how to talk to your child about underage drinking, visit our Parent Resource Center here.

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