Friday, April 3, 2015

New Apps Encourage Brutal Cyberbullying

U-T San Diego, April 2, 2015

"Apps are constantly being developed that allow people to communicate their thoughts and feelings with others. In most cases these social networking tools help bring people together and promote positive interactions. Unfortunately, many of the newer ones encourage anonymous communication. This opened the option of posting negative, demeaning and threatening content while believing the author was anonymous. The result is an increase in aggressive cyberbullying that is far-reaching.

The development of new social networking sites and apps is rapid, which makes it difficult for parents to remain informed. For instance, a new app called Burnbook has gone viral recently among high school students. It is based on the Burn Book from the movie “Mean Girls.” Posts to this app are believed to be “anonymous.” In addition, you choose a “community” to follow. Therefore, students can choose to follow posts from their high school “community” or other high schools in the area, making the posts very personal." Read More.

Visit our Resource Center here for more information on how to prevent bullying.

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