Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Group airs survey results?

New Haven Register (Guilford, CT) July 13:

"Students’ drug habits, alcohol use and other dangerous behaviors are often 'invisible' to the community, and TEAM Guilford Kids is trying to bring the issues out into the open.  The group recently held a forum at the Guilford Free Library to present final results of a Developmental Assets Survey distributed to 1,542 middle- and high-schoolers in the fall...  When it comes to drinking, 52 percent said they first had more than one or two sips of alcohol when they were under 15 years old, and 6 percent reported they’ve ridden in a car with a driver who’d been drinking.  And 25 percent say they’ve used marijuana at least once in the last year, while 3 percent have used cocaine at some point."
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