Thursday, July 22, 2010

Teens believe marijuana use less risky than alcohol Read more: Warwick Beacon - Teens believe marijuana use less risky than alcohol

The Warwick Beacon (Warwick, RI) July 22:

"Surveys done in 2009 and this year find high school students are using drugs and alcohol at a younger age and that they believe using marijuana is less risky than drinking alcohol... Students were asked about their alcohol, tobacco and marijuana usage as well as what factors influence their decisions about the substances. Based on the results, students believe that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and easier to obtain, causing more teens to experiment with the drug. All three high schools showed this trend as students moved into higher grades, with the transition between ninth and tenth grade being the largest. An average of 14 percent of freshmen who viewed marijuana as a dangerous substance thought it was less risky by the time they moved to their sophomore year."
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