Thursday, July 15, 2010

Substance abuse quiz designed to get families talking

South County Independent (Wakefield, RI) July 15:

"Think you know the town’s substance abuse laws? Try this question: If a Narragansett police officer detects the odor of alcohol upon the breath of any minor – A. The odor can be used as evidence of illegal possession of alcohol; B. The officer may require the minor to submit to a Portable Breathalyzer Test; C. Either A or B; or D. Both A and B. If you know the answer to this and other questions, you could be entered to win $500 from the Narragansett Prevention Partnership. A new marketing campaign aimed at increasing awareness of alcohol issues among parents and children was launched this week with 'The Sobriety Test.' The online contest consists of three 10-question, multiple-choice quizzes designed to educate residents about the use of alcohol and other drugs by Narragansett youths, town ordinances related to alcohol and research studies about underage drinking. 'We think the community is ready for different ways to get these messages,' said Nancy Devaney, coordinator of the Narragansett Prevention Partnership. 'We aim always to make sure people know what the laws are.'
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