Monday, December 27, 2010

Mentoring program breaks the stereotype

The Hour (Norwalk, CT) December 25, 2010

"They come by train or bus from Stamford, Bridgeport or inside Norwalk city limits, their $1 weekly dues likely tucked into jean pockets or folded into purses. Middle and high school girls, young ladies and single mothers find their way to the Universal Hair Salon at 40 Wall St. because sitting still is not an option. Some members of the YL Trapped Sisterhood talk about stretching as individuals within their communities as something as vital as breathing.
'We feel that young women in our age range are trapped by society,' Sarah Lauture said Tuesday night in a backroom at the salon. 'We feel as if they're trying to conform to a stereotype, and we're trying to break out of that stereotype. We're trying to create new roles for ourselves through acts of community service and weekly discussion about various topics.'" Read More

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