Friday, April 22, 2011

After Son's Death, Mom Pushes for Awareness of Teen Alcohol Abuse

Chantilly Patch (Chantilly, VA) April 21, 2011

"What can happen in an hour?
That's what Karla Rupp thought when she dropped off her son Bo at a concert last September, an hour before it started.
But what happened in an hour cost Bo his life.
'Bo didn't know what could happen in an hour,' Rupp said. 'Dying wasn't part of the plan.'
Rupp spoke for the first time publicly this week about the circumstances leading up to her son's death at a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting. Bo Rupp, then a sophomore at Westfield High School, made headlines back in September when he apparently ran in and out of traffic near his Virginia Run home on Pleasant Valley Road in Centreville, then sat down in the middle of the roadway and was struck by a neighbor's car. He died the next day.
Karla Rupp said that Bo brought his backpack to the concert that night. Nothing to be alarmed about inside, she thought, just some iced tea bottles." Read More

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