Friday, April 15, 2011

Mom of bullied teen who committed suicide shares her chilling story in Brookfield

News-Times (Brookfield, CT) April 14, 2011 "As she sat quietly in the front of the room, Tina Meier showed a clip from her visit to the 'Dr. Phil' show to parents and staff at Whisconier Middle School on Wednesday. On the video, she described a parent's worst nightmare -- discovering her 13-year-old daughter, Megan, hanging in her closet. Megan was distraught about being rejected by someone she thought was a boy she befriended on the Internet. The person actually was the mother of a school mate and family friend who instigated and monitored a MySpace account created for the sole purpose of communicating with Megan." Read more

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  1. And to think that the one chatting her daughter is a mother. What was the mother thinking that she can do that to a girl far from her age. I mean, if she wanted to teach and discipline the girl, the best she could have done is to report to the school or the parent of the student. Not like this.