Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is Hazing a Form of Bullying?

Mansfield-Storrs Patch (Mansfield, CT) July 6, 2011

"Everyone has been asking what I think about a story this past week about a mom suing a fraternity because her son died as part of a “hazing” incident. Basically, they bound his hands and feet with tie wraps & duct tape and made him drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol. He passed out, of course, and so they dropped him on a sofa to “sleep it off.” They found him dead the next morning. The autopsy showed that his blood alcohol level was five times the legal limit.
So the question asked of me was, 'is that a case of bullying?' and I replied, 'that’s the wrong question.'
Let me explain. Was it bullying? No. Strictly speaking, for it to be bullying, there must be an 'imbalance of power' between the two parties. This precludes it from being called bullying because the boy that died participated voluntarily." Read More

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